Quality and satisfaction are central to what we do

FilSpecTM aims to be a leader in the field of specialized yarns, while also remaining a company where the customer is at the forefront of our minds. For this reason, we act in keeping with values that are essential to us in order to maintain lasting relationships that benefit everyone.

Our vision

FilSpecTM seeks to improve the quality of life of its customers and employees through innovative techniques while respecting its values in order to ensure growth and prosperity in the coming years.

The company acts as a responsible citizen from an environmental viewpoint. At FilSpecTM, we believe that environmental protection is the duty of every individual and every company.

Our goal is to implement this policy through continuous actions such as training our employees, adherence to federal, provincial, and municipal environmental standards, streamlining the production process in order to save water, energy, and reduce pollution, recycling the resources used by our employees in the course of the company's various operations, while also giving preference to textile yarns made from post-consumer products and fibres (recycled polyester from bottles (REPREVE®), recycled aramids from petroleum byproducts, etc.).

Our values


  • Integrity and mutual respect between ourselves and our employees, clients, and suppliers
  • Honesty in our actions and behaviors
  • Confidentiality in our business relations



  • Developing new products and services continually in order to ensure competitive benefits for our clients
  • Offering a dynamic, stimulating work environment that encourages innovative ideas in order to meet the current and future needs of the market
  • Being the market leader in innovation



  • A motivated and winning team that wants to achieve success today and in the future
  • Open and constructive communication aimed at increasing the performance of each individual and that of the team



  • Commitment to exceed the client's expectations
  • Commitment to continually improve quality through the use of advanced technologies
  • Impeccably clean spinning rooms in order to eliminate the risks of fibre migration or contamination



  • Devotion to our customers' needs
  • Developing solid long-term relationships with our clients and partners in order to encourage their growth and success
  • Offering the fastest possible delivery times
  • Providing excellent service and honoring our commitment to being a partner to our customers at all times!



  • Providing employees with a safe, suitable workplace with no risk of accidents
  • Ensuring our compliance with environmental, health, and occupational safety laws in order to be socially responsible and minimize our ecological footprint
  • Constant internal management to reduce waste and packaging, including by recycling unused products



  • Reliability and consistency in meeting our commitments
  • Responsibility in our decision-making
  • Fast, honest, priority responses to any complaints or problems

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