Proven value for armed forces

Supporting soldiers, first responders, and police officers in fulfilling their dangerous missions is one of our goals. With our spinning plant in Ellerbe, North Carolina, FilSpecTM offers yarns that meet the standards of the Berry Amendment with respect to U.S. military and civil defence.

Additionally, at our spinning plant in Sherbrooke, Quebec, we offer yarns that meet Canadian rules required by Public Safety Canada. High-quality yarns represent a proven value for meeting the specific demands of the military world. FilSpecTM's rigorous standards will ensure your success. We produce various blends to meet specific needs like mechanical strength, non-linting, flame resistance, antimicrobial fabrics, antifungal fabrics, abrasion resistance, humidity control, cut resistance, etc.


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solutions for:

  • Military uniforms
  • Gloves
  • Narrow textiles
  • High Vis
  • Smart Fabrics with sensors
  • Special undergarments


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