FilSPec Europe is launched!

FilSPec Europe is launched!

On April 11, the Sherbrooke-based company, well known in the innovative technical textile industry, officially opened its subsidiary in Brussels: FilSpec Europe.

While the company initially turned to Europe to learn more from its competitors, it soon realized that it was the only player in its niche and that it positioned itself as an expert.

"It is a great source of pride for us to see that the spirit of innovation and avant-garde that has driven us from the very beginning has taken us so far! We started modestly with our plant here in Sherbrooke, and quickly realized that our products and expertise interested people from all over the world. With the opening of our European subsidiary, we are all the more proud to highlight this new phase in the history of FilSpecTM, which reflects the progress we have made," explains Dominique Quintal, FilSpecTM's Vice-President of Sales and Marketing.

Wind in the sails

Although FilSpecTM has facilities in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central America and now Europe, growth projects don't stop there, quite the opposite!

"Today, we are launching FilSpecTM Europe, but this is only the beginning! In 2019 and 2020, we plan to expand into Turkey, South America and Asia, while consolidating our position in the Americas. We have a wind in our sails and we will take advantage of the momentum to cross all borders," adds Mr. Quintal.

A team success

FilSpecTM's success is due in part to the ingenious solutions it is able to offer to meet a wide range of needs, as well as its investments in research and development that enable it to always stay one step ahead of other companies in the yarn and textile sector. However, for the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, it is mainly thanks to the involvement of each person making up the FilSpecTM family that the company is experiencing such growth.

"It's a shared success, because for a company to grow and stand out, it requires every member of its team, from the employee on the production line to the president! Each person on the great FilSpecTM team contributes, in their own way, to propelling us on the international scene and pushing us to go even further! We are aware that the experience we have acquired with the people in Sherbrooke has allowed us to develop and maintain a solid base before being able to export abroad. We are very proud of our Sherbrooke roots and the success we are experiencing today is due in large part to people here at home”, concluded Mr. Quintal.

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