The yarn for performance

The yarn for performance

For a second consecutive year, FilSpec’s team will be at Performance Days from November 28th to 29th. 

Performance days is an ideal event for FilSpecTM to introduce its innovative products for sports performance such as WarmFilTM, a self heating yarn, RecoveryFilTM, an ultra soft yarn that offers real skin care, and FreshFilTM, a yarn that facilitates moisture wicking and limits odours caused by perspiration.

FilSpecTM also invites companies or potential collaborators interested in discovering the unique properties of its products to attend one (or more!) of its 4 workshops:

November 28th

1 pm: Comfort: Control of skin microclimate with inherent properties yarn solutions

4 pm: WarmFilTM: Self heating yarn solutions

November 29th

11 am: Odor protection: Inherent properties yarn solutions

4 pm: Smart Yarns: Conductive and composite yarn technology


Feel free to contact Dominique Quintal, Vice President Sales and Marketing, to schedule an appointment during the show.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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