Gestion thermique

For optimal comfort at all times

In several fields, comfort is a key feature. Whether for industrial workers, the military, athletes, or medicine, fabrics that can maintain or discharge heat are necessary.

FilSpecTM offers a variety of technical yarns that encourage thermal management as needed (cooling effect, warming effect, thermal insulation, breathable fabrics).

Examples of commonly used fibres and compositions

  • Coolmax® polyester/Spandex 
  • Thermolite® polyester/Spandex
  • Thermolite®/wool
    (Thermal insulation, protection from cold)



The heat generating yarn WarmFil


Driven by a passion for creating high-performance technical fibres, our R&D team has developed an innovative technology for athletic gear called WarmFilTM.

The infrared yarn generates heat by capturing sunlight, allowing outdoor sports enthusiasts to stay warm even while wearing thin, lightweight garments, resulting in maximum comfort and ease of movement.

The fabric heats up when exposed to daylight and not from contact with body heat. Rain or shine, the effect is the same. Now that’s what you call a smart yarn!

To find out more about this innovation from FilSpecTM, feel free to watch our video featuring WarmFilTM in action in actual winter weather condition.



Watch our temperature test!

Up to  10 oC

of positive temperature delta, depending on the sunlight conditions.



Constantly changing

In collaboration with its suppliers, FilSpecTM continuously searches for fibres and materials that make it possible to develop the best compositions that will ensure you better performance in keeping with your needs. Contact us to learn about the many options available.

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