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Synthetic Yarns

Synthetic yarns are produced entirely from chemicals obtained from petroleums. Each type of fibre will yield characteristics proper to the chemicals used. Some fibers are soft others do not burn or melt, some resist to chemicals while others are super strong etc…
Major types are listed but other types do exist to fulfill the multitude of applications covered by this segment of the industry.

Fibre type


Major end uses


  • Soft and warm
  • Wool-like
  • Retains shape
  • Resilient
  • Quick-drying
  • Resistant to moths, sunlight, oil and chemicals
  • Dyes well and has excellent color fastness
  • Tendency to pill

Apparel: Dresses, infant wear, knitted garments, lingerie, linings, shirts, slacks, sportswear

Fabrics: Fleece and pile fabrics, face fabrics in bonded fabrics, simulated furs, jerseys

Home Furnishings: Blankets, carpets, draperies, upholstery

Other: Auto tops, awnings, hand knitting and craft yarns, industrial and geotextile fabrics


  • Does not melt
  • Highly flame resistant
  • High strength
  • High resistance to stretch
  • Maintains its shape and form at high temperature

Hot gas filtration fabrics, protective clothing, military helmets, structural composite for aircrafts and boats, sailcloth, tires, ropes and cables, mechanical rubber goods, marine and sporting goods


  • Heat stability
  • Low flammability
  • High wear performance
  • Solvent resistance
  • Ultra violet  resistance
-Aircraft blockers
-High temperature filter medias
-Fire service
-Home furnishing (mattress ticking)
-Industrial apparel


  • Thermal insulation
  • Wicking of moisture
  • Flame retardancy
  • Resistance to meldew and fungi
  • Resistance to acids, bases, reducing and oxidizing agents

Apparel:  Underwear, hosiery, sports wear, fleece and fake fur, chi

Fabrics:  Drapes, wall coverings, curtains, trimmings and upholstery

Other:  filtration, hygiene, bedding, Fire and cold protection


  • Can be stretched 500% without breaking
  • Can be stretched repeatedly and recover original length
  • Light weight
  • Stronger and more durable than rubber
  • Resistant to body oil

Articles (where stretch is required): Athletic apparel, bathing suits, delicate laces, foundation garments, golf jackets, ski pants, slacks, support and surgical hose


  • Soft
  • Resilient
  • Abrasion and flame resistant
  • Quick drying
  • Resists acids and alkalies
  • Retains shape

Apparel: Deep pile coats, trims, linings, simulated furs, wigs and hairpieces

Fabrics: Fleece fabris, industrial fabrics, knit pile fabric backings, non-woven fabrics

Home Furnishing: Awnings, blankets, carpets, flame resistant draperies and curtains, scatter rugs.

Other: Filters, paint rollers, stuffed toys.


  • Exceptionally strong
  • Supple
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Lustrous
  • Easy to wash
  • Resists damage from oil and many chemicals

Apparel: Blouses, dresses, foundation garments, hosiery, lingerie and under wear,raincoats, ski and snow apparel, suits, windbreakers

Home Furnishing: Bedspreads, carpets, draperies, curtains, upholstery

Other: Air hoses,  conveyor and seat belts, parachutes, racket strings, ropes and nets, sleeping bags, tarpaulins, tents, threads, tire cord, geotextiles.


  • Unique wicking properties that makes it very comfortable
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Quick drying
  • Resistant to deterioration from chemicals, mildew, perspiration, rot and weather
  • Sensitive to heat
  • Soil resistant
  • Strong;  very lightweight
  • Excellent color fastness

Apparel:  Pantyhose, underwear, knitted sports shirts, men’s half hose, men’s knitted sportswear, sweaters

Home Furnishing:  Carpet and carpet backing, slipcovers, upholstery

Other:  Dye nets, filter fabrics, laundry and sand bags, geotextiles, automotive interiors,cordage, doll hair, industrial sewing thread.


  • Highly flame resistant
  • Outstanding comfort factor combined with thermal and chemical stability
  • Will not burn or melt
  • Low shrinkage, when exposed to flame

Suitable for high performance protective apparel such as firemen’s turnout  coats, astronaut space suits and applications where fire resistance is important.


  • Strong
  • Resistant to stretching and shrinkage
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Quick drying
  • Crisp and resilient when wet or dry
  • Wrinkle and abrasion resistant
  • Retains heat set pleats and creases
  • Easy to wash

Apparel: Blouses, shirts, career apparel, children’s wear, dresses, half hose, insulated garments, ties, lingerie and underwear, permanent  press garments, slacks, suits.

Home Furnishing: Carpets, curtains, draperies, sheets and pillow cases.

Other: Fiberfill for various products, fire hoses, power belting, ropes and nets, tire cord, sails, V-belts

PPS fibres
Torcon, Procon

  • Outstanding resistance to heat
  • Outstanding resistance to acids and alkalis
  • Outstanding resistance to mildew, aging, sunlight and abrasion
  • Non dyable
  • Resistant to bleaches and solvents under normal conditions
-Scrims for filter medias
-Filtration non wovens
-Filters for coal-fired boilers and
-Heat resistant bag filters



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