Notice of Nomination: Louis Chartier, Vice President Operations

Notice of Nomination: Louis Chartier, Vice President Operations

Mr. Louis Chartier succeeds David Boulanger as Vice President Operations.

He has a solid background in operational excellence and has worked for over 25 years in production management for manufacturing companies, both in Canada and for multinationals in Europe and Asia. A graduate in mechanical engineering, he also has extensive knowledge in product development and production, management and human resources.

Mr. Chartier has skills in change management and implementing new approaches, which is exactly in line with FilSpec's innovation values. He also has a particular concern for health and safety and the maintenance of optimal working relations.

As Vice President Operations, he ensures that FilSpec's various innovations are put into production and provides concrete solutions to optimize plant operations and enable the design of products that stand out for their quality and functionality. His engineering expertise, diversified skills and long experience in the manufacturing environment allow him to efficiently and intelligently manage the FilSpecTM production.

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